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ECS2 ESP Class Session, October 27, 1970 8/29 (28%) Florence puzzle leash degradation segment
– The Early Class Sessions: Book 2 Sessions 1/6/70 to 12/29/70
– ESP Class Session, October 27, 1970 Tuesday

[... 5 paragraphs ...]

(During break Florence asked, “Where are we as humans on the scale of development?”

[... 4 paragraphs ...]

(To Florence.) And I would like you, dear Lady of Florence, to be aware of the questions asked by your inner self and not follow the intellect around like a puppy following its tail from one circle without answer to another for you limit the extent of your imagination in such a way. You form circles about yourself. You do not use your intellect to lead you to freedom but often as a leash.

[... 1 paragraph ...]

Now, the closest answers so far to the last question that you asked was given (to Arnold) over here. Now that is only natural since we have an old African god amongst us. You need to exercise your own intuition to some extent. You need to vocalize them because by hearing the words you realize what you actually feel and believe. Therefore, I would like our Lady from Florence to ask her question again, and I would like the people in class to give an answer.

Now, in particular I would like to hear answers from here (to Arnold) and here (to Dennis) and from the silent one in the back of the chair (to Laurie), and first of all I would like to make a remark to our friend (to Florence) and it is this. You believe that the intuitions and the intellect are natural enemies, and they are not so there need be no battleground between with you in the middle. Now, let us see what answers you come up with, and I will be listening.

([Florence:] “I would like to know where we are at on the scale of development.”)

[... 1 paragraph ...]

([Florence:] “But Seth told me not to think in circles.”)

[... 9 paragraphs ...]

(Florence remarked on Seth’s speaking the word “origin.” )

Origin. Now, do not forget that through the centuries, and through time, information had to be given according to the background of the time, and oftentimes questions had to be answered in the terms in which they were asked and the questions themselves that were asked were often loaded. The questions themselves, and forgive me, my dear Lady of Florence, the questions themselves could not be answered within a semblance of truth because the questions were basically meaningless in the real fabric of reality so this has much to do with the distortions also that have come down through the ages, both in the Bible and many other writings. And now I leave you with only one word, and the word is, “origin.”

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