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ECS2 ESP Class Session, May 5, 1970 4/121 (3%) Gert Florence Arnold Doug Brad
– The Early Class Sessions: Book 2 Sessions 1/6/70 to 12/29/70
– ESP Class Session, May 5, 1970 Tuesday

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Now this situation did not simply arise. You brought it upon yourselves to teach yourselves a lesson. You brought it upon yourselves to bring yourselves to a new step of spiritual and psychic evolution. You had to realize that a certain amount of spirituality was necessary if the inner psychic self would grow. You brought it upon yourselves so you would realize that you were blessed with a planet upon which your species could grow. You brought it upon yourselves so that you would realize despite all your stories (shouts really loud!) that you have not been given domination.

You are not to dominate the planet. You are not to dominate the species upon the planet. You are not to use the earth for your own purposes. You were not set in domination over the animals. You are to cooperate with all life and all life is a part of All That Is and every animal has consciousness and you will realize this or you will destroy your planet.

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You will learn that it is cruel to bring into existence new consciousness when your planet cannot support it. For your planet will not be able to support it and spiritual growth cannot be achieved through starving bodies nor through the agonies of mothers who must watch their children starve. (Nigerian civil war at this time.)

Now many of these matters do not concern you. You are well-dressed and well-fed. But many men and women are indeed starving. You cannot consume your planet. You will not be allowed to consume your planet. Free will is yours, however, and if you decide to ignore these inner realities you can destroy your planet and it will do you no good to cry to a God, for the God would not have destroyed your planet. You will have done so because you do not realize the sacred nature of consciousness.

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