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ECS2 ESP Class Session, May 5, 1970 5/121 (4%) Gert Florence Arnold Doug Brad
– The Early Class Sessions: Book 2 Sessions 1/6/70 to 12/29/70
– ESP Class Session, May 5, 1970 Tuesday

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You have a different form every seven years. The atoms and molecules of your body have completely changed. There is not one small vestige within your physical body at this moment that was within it eight years ago. Your forms are completely new and different, and yet I see that you carry on quite effectively and it does not seem to bother you. Look at your friend over here (Doug). It does not bother him. And so if you change your physical form without knowing it as the years go by, why should it surprise you that at one time you leave the present form that you call your own for another. For if I am speaking through the body of a woman, so have the three men here present spoken through the bodies of women when those bodies were their own, and the women spoke as men.

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(To Doug.) I want you to know that you are on the right track and that you can trust your spontaneous self.

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I can imagine a lovely scene where bodiless individuals, spiritual psychologists and I, sit in a dark room all dressed in gowns at another level of reality, and they ask me what is wrong with me and I say—I am obsessed. I have it in my head that there is a physical reality somewhere where objects have shape and form—where there are things like trees and people and streetcars and a strange thing called progress. And where people believe in things like ghosts and demons all on the same line, seeing little difference between them and I imagine in my most schizoid (Doug—“that’s what I said”) moments that there is a woman called Jane Butts in a strange, funny little town in a completely fantastic place called Elmira, New York. And I have the delusion that I speak through this woman and look out through her eyes at the most fantastic creatures imaginable.

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(To Doug:) I like your sense of humor, too.

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(Present: Gert, Brad, Janice, Natalie, Florence, Doug, Arnold, Laurie and Lydia.)

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