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ECS4 ESP Class Session, May 25, 1971 6/58 (10%) Ron Brady evil pope Theodore
– The Early Class Sessions: Book 4 Sessions 5/25/71 to 1/25/72
– ESP Class Session, May 25, 1971 Tuesday

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(The group went into Alpha I and gave their impressions. Theodore made a remark about a friend.)

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(A discussion of Brady’s impressions of Theodore.  Discussion of the origins of Heaven and Hell followed.)

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([Theodore:] “Shall we kiss your ring?”)

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(To Theodore.) Active peace in your direction over there and be glad that you aroused the sort of response in our friend here (Brady) that you did. It was good for both of you.

[... 14 paragraphs ...]

Now. For a while I was not in Rome, but held my religious call elsewhere. I wrote two Church laws. It should all go to show you that some good ends up from everything. I died of trouble with my stomach because I was such a glutton. My name was not Clement (to Theodore), though Clement is a lovely name. I was originally called Protonius. Now give me a moment. The last name is not nearly so clear, and this is not my papal name, but my, if you will forgive the term, common name. Meglemanius. The third. From a small village. Unless I summon the self that I was at that time, the memories for details are not that clear. But as I now recall them, without directly checking on our friend the pope, who has, you must understand, gone his own way, I am coming as close as I can. We did not have as many guards at that time, but we had many stolen paintings and jewels of great merit. Now some of these jewels, as well as the money, went for expeditions that you do not realize were adopted at that time, having to do with commerce and ships sent through Africa, and this interest had to do with my later life when I was involved with the oregano. My sniffing goes back for centuries.

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We had not yet begun the strong insistence upon indulgences (looks at Brady), so I did not have that extra cash that indulgences would bring in. (To Theodore) I believed and did not believe, as you earlier believed and did not believe, and did a good job of hiding from myself what I believed and what I did not believe. And the higher one gets in power, the harder it is to hide such things from one’s self.

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