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ECS3 ESP Class Session, May 18, 1971 9/110 (8%) Gert dandy Ron Richelieu Janice
– The Early Class Sessions: Book 3 Sessions 1/5/71 to 5/18/71
– ESP Class Session, May 18, 1971 Tuesday

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(Ron Labadee had been speaking of the Buddha religion and nirvana.)

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([Ron:] “Within this system of meditation you talked about the creative vitality and the creative energy, that the idea of the end goal is the identity of the source of All That Is ...what is Buddha doing now?”)

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([Ron:] “There is also the [Asian deity—name lost]   He has attained nirvana, but he stays around and helps people who are still in the reincarnational cycle.”)

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([Ron:] “Then there is no return to the Godhead.”)

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([Ron:] “Then not everyone could return to the Godhead if the Godhead is conceived as an energy state.”)

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([Ron.:] “That doesn’t contradict Buddhism or Hinduism, if you say that God is All That Is and is all personalities...”)

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(Ron:] “So there would be no contradiction in that if you conceive of God consisting of all personalities, then as individual personalities progress up through different realities then He would eventually become in His identity God in that God is All That Is.”)

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([Ron:] “Since we are talking about nonconceptual things, you made a statement several sessions ago which I didn’t understand.” Here Ron reads an excerpt from class session 4/27/71 and asks to whom it referred.)

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([Ron:] “I was wondering if you weren’t speaking of yourself also?”)

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