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ECS3 ESP Class Session, May 18, 1971 5/110 (5%) Gert dandy Ron Richelieu Janice
– The Early Class Sessions: Book 3 Sessions 1/5/71 to 5/18/71
– ESP Class Session, May 18, 1971 Tuesday

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(After break, to Bette.) Now for a cousin of Richelieu in the 18th-century France you put up some struggle pretending that you do not understand what you like to think of as intellectual discussions, and you make a great fight against what you like to think of as verbalization, and you pretend to yourself that you do not understand what I am saying when I am saying it. Now you are putting artificial limitations upon yourself that you partially understand and partially do not understand.

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It is also highly charged to hide from yourself the fact that, as a cousin of Richelieu, you dwelt in a highly artificial intellectualized environment in which words were spoken about constantly without any understanding, and in which you personally held forth using words to cower both your friends and later the masses. And so now you pretend a vulgar, earthy, frank, common behavior that does not fit the inner self and yet fools you on an egotistical basis very well. However, it also serves to blunt your own abilities and to cause inner behavior that, again, is not suited to your capacities for it causes you to pretend not to understand that which you do well understand and therefore to block from your ego information that is otherwise quite plain.

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(To everyone.) Now in one way you are all playing childhood games with yourselves, and if you will forgive me, I will use an analogy and remember it is an analogy. And an analogy is a fable, a tale, a story, or a parable that is innately true while it may not physically appear to be so. You are all children in one way playing beneath the maple trees, dreaming in the long twilights of your adult state even as your adult selves now seemingly so independent would not know what to say to your childhood selves if you met them; but within you the childhood self must also grow, and allow it its growth. In the reality that you know there are many boxes. You can travel from one box to another. The boxes are not prisons anymore than the cousin of Richelieu is hidden to the housewife who is now so proudly the housewife and so contemptuous, for Richelieu’s cousin who was also contemptuous particularly of housewives.

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(To Janice.) Now. Give us a moment. To the quiet one over there, next to the cousin of Richelieu, I do not speak to you often because I frighten you.

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(To group.) Soon I am going to have you work in class again with some experiments that you do on your own, and then all I shall do is sit and see how well you do. I bid you all a fond good evening (to Bette), even our cousin of Richelieu over there. Fine dandy or not. You also made an excellent pastry.

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