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ECS3 ESP Class Session, May 18, 1971 6/110 (5%) Gert dandy Ron Richelieu Janice
– The Early Class Sessions: Book 3 Sessions 1/5/71 to 5/18/71
– ESP Class Session, May 18, 1971 Tuesday

[... 42 paragraphs ...]

(After break, to Bette.) Marseilles ...Marseilles, which was a small town in which the early life was spent. Later some activity in Paris. Responsible—give us time here—for the severing of a leg of a manservant. Involved in the treasury and in ritualistic activities having to do with the church. A member of a brotherhood of St. John’s, which was largely a social organization with religious connections. You wore scapulars up to your ears and you were a fine dandy.

[... 2 paragraphs ...]

It was a male. A dandy was always a male.

([Bette:] “Seth, what was a dandy?”)

A dandy was a gentleman with high and fine and fancy white fluffed collars in the latest fashion, who wore girdles and bound in his waist, who was flirtatious and usually quite artificial in behavior, who dealt above all things in ritualized verbal activities, who got where he could get anyway he could.

[... 2 paragraphs ...]

(Bette asked Jane during break what Jane thought a fine dandy was.)

[... 45 paragraphs ...]

(To group.) Soon I am going to have you work in class again with some experiments that you do on your own, and then all I shall do is sit and see how well you do. I bid you all a fond good evening (to Bette), even our cousin of Richelieu over there. Fine dandy or not. You also made an excellent pastry.

[... 12 paragraphs ...]

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