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ECS3 ESP Class Session, May 11, 1971 2/21 (10%) classroom gown awaken yourselves strangers
– The Early Class Sessions: Book 3 Sessions 1/5/71 to 5/18/71
– ESP Class Session, May 11, 1971 Tuesday

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Open your eyes and look about you. You are now in a projection. You have projected yourself to this room, in your terms, from other times and other places. You belong in this room at this moment of your time because you have projected yourselves into it. Around you there are friends and strangers, and you have always been friends and strangers to each other. Now look closely about you. How real is the room? How much do you know of the selves you think you are?

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You may, again, interpret the experience in whatever terms you choose. If you hear voices, then listen to what they say. The voices of strangers and beloved ones are often the same voices, and the scenes that you see often, you have seen before. But the vitality that draws you, and the vitality that is within each of you is the same vitality that changes the seasons that you know and that gives your physical existence its meaning that insures the survival of your identity. And within this energy have you your independent existence.

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