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ECS2 ESP Class Session, June 30, 1970 4/40 (10%) guilt guilty Derek props penance
– The Early Class Sessions: Book 2 Sessions 1/6/70 to 12/29/70
– ESP Class Session, June 30, 1970 Tuesday

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Now, you were early given the idea that a portion of your personality was guilty and therefore you were relieved when you were told that there were methods whereby you could receive this guilt. You accepted, for example, the penances and so forth because as a child, given the idea of guilt, you wondered what punishment would befall you.

Now, a child is very dependent upon a parent. To the child a parent seems like God and, therefore, a child feels guilty, feels afraid that the parent will cast him out, particularly the mother, so the child then feels he will be completely abandoned. Now, if the guilt is severe enough, as unfortunately it often is, this pseudo-guilt, then the young adult will do almost anything to relieve it. He does not realize that what he actually feels is the early fear of the child of the parents’ abandonment. This is not in his conscious mind and therefore anything else is accepted with relief.

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Now, each of you in this room is a completely separate, unique individual. You each have a hand in the creation of reality as it is known. You have an effect upon those that you know and love, beyond what is usually supposed. As I have said often, there are no limitations, even to the self that you know, except those that you yourselves impose. Therefore you are meant to use your abilities and to develop them, and when I speak of abilities I do not necessarily mean psychic abilities alone. Your spontaneity is your life. It is up to you to expand the nature of your own consciousness so that you understand me. Guilt will not help you; it is only a hindrance. It inhibits, it does not encourage.

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(To Gert.) Now, you must honor yourself and do yourself justice. Until you can honor and love yourselves you cannot honor nor love anything else or anyone else, and as long as you see yourselves as guilty, then you will see guilt in every other person you look at, and you will see evil in the nature of reality. The answers, you see, are within yourselves. It is only when you do not realize they are there that you have such difficulties. You have only to let go.

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