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ECS2 ESP Class Session, June 30, 1970 2/40 (5%) guilt guilty Derek props penance
– The Early Class Sessions: Book 2 Sessions 1/6/70 to 12/29/70
– ESP Class Session, June 30, 1970 Tuesday

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(To Natalie:) You do not need to keep such a tight rein upon yourself. You will not do anything so dreadful if you allow yourself some freedom. When you let your self go you do not lose your self, but you find your self. This is perhaps the hardest lesson, but it is one that you must learn.

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Now, here we are again with our long, fierce faces. It seems I must be saying something very horrible to put you all on edge for you seem so solemn, indeed. If I am not solemn, and I am supposed to be dead, then why do you have such long faces? It would lead me to believe that to be alive must be a dreadful state indeed!

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