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ECS4 ESP Class Session, June 22, 1971 1/48 (2%) pot Buddy Ron destiny unoperable
– The Early Class Sessions: Book 4 Sessions 5/25/71 to 1/25/72
– ESP Class Session, June 22, 1971 Tuesday

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You are teaching yourselves the value of consciousness and vitality and strength and life, by pretending to yourselves that death is death and that your consciousness will not continue and that your parents who die are forever still, by pretending that the voices you have heard in childhood will be heard no more. By pretending that when you breathe your last breath here, your consciousness is forever still. You are teaching yourselves the value of being, and you have chosen this context in which to do it. You have chosen for the unoperable intimacy of tragedy and flesh and pain in order to teach yourselves the unoperable exultant nature of your own vitality and energy and song. And these lessons serve you well, and what you learn goes out from you in all directions and each triumph that you make is not yours alone, but reaches even into those dimensions of which I have spoken.

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