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ECS4 ESP Class Session, July 13, 1971 4/68 (6%) Ron proofs cards Tom suburbanite
– The Early Class Sessions: Book 4 Sessions 5/25/71 to 1/25/72
– ESP Class Session, July 13, 1971 Tuesday

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What is important are emotional realities not symbols upon cards and until you realize that and until you are willing to open up emotionally to the atmosphere of the class and to the room then no proofs will be proofs to you.

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At one time he was highly interested, and I went along because it was a sort of proof that he found extremely necessary. When it was proven to him, I was satisfied. Whether it is proven, in those terms, to you or not bothers me not one iota. That is your thing. I was satisfied with the matter of his need for proof. When he attained it that took care of my end of it.

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You see, you come with demands. Now those who have come open-mindedly to class have found their proofs; and proofs that were not dependent upon cards or showy tricks, but strong proof in that the nature of their reality changed. They understood themselves better. They would relate to the experience that they know. They had experiences that they did not have before, and their mental, psychological and spiritual worlds expanded. And to them, and to me, card reading is an entirely different and inferior product, but while that is what you are looking for you will find yourself at the level that you are now. Without strong subjective proof of your own, without the full ability to travel inward and the doorways to inner knowledge closed until you receive the kind of proof that you are after.

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My opinion is that that I have given. Had you come here, however, when the sessions had shortly begun, and Ruburt was himself looking for that kind of proof, the answer may have been different. It is what I have given you now, however, and I fear that like our friend, Instream, unless you change you will be looking for proofs that mean nothing and ignoring the inner reality that is all important and closing your mind to inner validity that alone will give you the kind of proofs that you require. They will come from the inside and not from skepticism. And then you will see them. For example, had your attitude been different and your whole emotional atmosphere been different, and had you in a mood of fun and free giving thrown cards upon the table when I was speaking and said, “Seth, what is on the other side of the cards?” you may have gotten an answer. But not in the framework in which you asked the question nor in the framework in which you proposed the experiment.

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