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ECS4 ESP Class Session, August 17, 1971 2/12 (17%) Edgar harshly misshapen autograph judges
– The Early Class Sessions: Book 4 Sessions 5/25/71 to 1/25/72
– ESP Class Session, August 17, 1971 Tuesday

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And do not pay any attention to Ruburt when he chews you all out. Simply say that we gave you a rest this week that you sorely needed. My book is finished so I will have plenty of energy left to deal with all of you, and to send you on whatever adventures you are willing to pursue—even our friend, Edgar, over here. Your own fears, however, have a reality and that reality makes itself known.

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(To Ron L.) And our friend, Edgar, judges the self that he knows far too harshly and do not ask me what I mean by the statement.

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