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TPS2 Deleted Session September 17, 1973 5/46 (11%) salable schedule punch absolutes impulses
– The Personal Sessions: Book 2 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Deleted Session September 17, 1973 10:10 PM Monday

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He has always had some kind of writing schedule. The confusion about it has to do with his interpretation of work and creativity. Often he tried to block out creative ideas he feared were not salable, or work.

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Breaking schedule brought some of this to consciousness. It was carried to such an extreme finally that often, at least, his best creativity came after hours. The schedule became nearly an obsession. It had to be broken. If he chooses to work hourly again, it will be a new fresh conscious decision. For both of you however, you must understand that work was the rule for a long time.

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It had to pay off. It had to be scheduled, and even the time within the writing hours was watched so that it was productive. At the same time distractions were minimized, impulses to move away from the desk cut down, and day-dreaming, dream recall, and out-of-bodies became not business, not-work. Naps in the day meant laziness. If you were working out, Ruburt thought, you could not do this.

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Also, dropping the schedule at my behest, the conflicts are more out in the open, so that anger is actually a recognition of impulse, frustration at not being able to follow through adequately, and the conflict between feeling the impulses and feeling that he should be at his schedule.

The schedule itself, with the beliefs he held, blinded him to the impulses because he would not allow them to emerge. I want him to continue with my book, and when he reaches the portions on point of power and natural hypnosis I will give him instructions so that both of you together spend five minutes a day at each exercise. This will double their effects.

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