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TPS2 Deleted Session September 17, 1973 3/46 (7%) salable schedule punch absolutes impulses
– The Personal Sessions: Book 2 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Deleted Session September 17, 1973 10:10 PM Monday

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He wrote despite the fact that he had to work, and out of love of writing. When work in terms of making money was applied to writing, then divisions occurred in his attitude as to what might be salable and bring money, and therefore fall into the work category—and what might not be salable but highly creative regardless.

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He has always had some kind of writing schedule. The confusion about it has to do with his interpretation of work and creativity. Often he tried to block out creative ideas he feared were not salable, or work.

Today he was afraid, for one thing, that if he left himself alone he would just write poetry that very well might not sell. He feels he is his own employer, and as an employer must see that he produces salable work. Creatively however he wants to go full blast regardless, and that is the way of course that he produces his best “work.”

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