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TPS2 Deleted Session September 17, 1973 2/46 (4%) salable schedule punch absolutes impulses
– The Personal Sessions: Book 2 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Deleted Session September 17, 1973 10:10 PM Monday

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You told him once he could not punch a time clock. He has been trying to show you that he can. He felt that with his natural spontaneity great discipline must be used, as given before. Working home meant working home, so he shut down impulses that might make him become distracted ,or want to go out when others were working.

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He felt therefore that he had to make his way of life pay. He used to feel that you were accusing him when you said that he did not know what it was to punch a time clock, meaning that he did not have the guts or the ability. At the same time you had not chosen that source either but very briefly. Creative work was his joy, but that creativity also had more and more connotations that applied to work and money.

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