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TPS2 Deleted Session September 17, 1973 3/46 (7%) salable schedule punch absolutes impulses
– The Personal Sessions: Book 2 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Deleted Session September 17, 1973 10:10 PM Monday

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You considered them in a good light, and remembered what I said about absolutes. Ruburt however, sensing some improvement, wanted instant, complete recovery, and while he handled this better than in the past, tell him, nevertheless at his end he used absolutes again. Tell him to keep that in mind.

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If he thinks in terms of doing what he wants to do, even if he assigns time to the pursuits, he is better off than labeling anything work. Out-of-bodies, writing and spontaneous impressions are all things he likes to do, but some fell inside his work category and some did not. He likes challenges. Then have him “work” with them, and use them to his advantage. But do not overdo it, as is his inclination at times when he thinks in terms of absolutes.

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His suggestions should follow the lines of inspiration in his writing-requests for psychic and creative insight while avoiding absolutes. Again, physical suggestions such as “I can walk easier” are fine. Or “My legs and knees can support my weight.” But avoid suggestions like “I can astonish myself,” etc., of which he is so fond. I personally suggest, although he can do as he wishes, that he see himself rising at a decent hour to enjoy his day, and that he try two out-of-bodies a week during the day, as he used to. He is improving, however. The focus upon physical changes in your rooms is good. Continue it. Ruburt’s ideas about out-of-bodies and death are highly important, and should be pursued.

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