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TPS4 Deleted Session October 17, 1977 5/42 (12%) Paul dentist adequate Carol office
– The Personal Sessions: Book 4 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Deleted Session October 17, 1977 9:25 PM Monday

[... 2 paragraphs ...]

(Within the last few days Jane has lost several teeth, necessitating help from our dentist, Paul O’Neill. I called him at the office this afternoon, but there was no answer. When I checked his home phone, Paul told me he’d taken the day off; he offered to look at Jane here at the house. When he’d done so later in the afternoon, he further offered to do the necessary work here at the house, saving Jane going to his office. We were most surprised. After he’d left, we could see that in actuality Paul’s visit had offered all that Jane could have desired, under the circumstances; we hadn’t asked for any of it, even his preliminary visit to the house to examine Jane this time—although he’d done that on a couple of previous occasions, again without being asked by us.

[... 14 paragraphs ...]

There are many things I want to say, whether or not they can be said this evening. I did, however, have a few comments about the dentist affair.

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(I plead being misunderstood here to some extent, however. It should be added that I’d said that I thought it strange Jane was seemingly more concerned about making it to the dentist’s office than she was about why she had to be there to begin with.)

What you have then was Ruburt’s desire to have his teeth fixed, when it was obvious that he must, and his fear that he could not perform adequately at this time. That data existed in Framework 2. There, computations involving yourselves, Ruburt’s conditions, the circumstances, and your dentist, all went on with great rapidity. You know the solution.

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It was originally Ruburt’s loyalty to you that led him to see Paul in the beginning, because Paul had been friendly to you and you liked him. That feeling dissolved Ruburt’s fear of Paul as a dentist. The state of Ruburt’s condition is as I gave it. I will clarify. However, the eye material.

[... 15 paragraphs ...]

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