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TPS7 Deleted Session October 10, 1982 2/31 (6%) Hal wildlife infection elbow medical
– The Personal Sessions: Book 7 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Deleted Session October 10, 1982 9:43 PM Sunday

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(After Rusty and Hal left we napped, changed dressings, etc., and before we knew it I was hurrying to get supper and do other chores so that we’d have time for a session. Hal and I both had noticed almost a marked improvement in Jane’s condition, especially in her hands, knees and feet. I think the vitamin therapy is helping considerably here, and seems to be following the results listed in Dr. Van Fleet’s book. Jane too is quite pleased. Indeed, her hands look better than they have in probably a couple of years, I’d say; the swelling seems to be largely gone. My idea is that if Jane will continue the vitamin therapy—a term I don’t particularly like—that in a couple of months she might achieve some good results, for as I explained to her, I think the key to curing the decubiti lies in increased mobility, especially in the knees. This will give her more freedom to move in bed.

(After all our hurrying to get supper over with—rather later than usual—we seemed to run out of steam. Jane sat half-dozing at the card table, and I tried to focus on reading some of last week’s mail. She surprised me at about 9:15 by saying she might try for a session, since by then I’d thought it too late. She said she was doing the same thing she did last night before that session: getting scared, lapsing, while at the same time she tried to get comfortable on her backside. We waited and waited. Then, in a voice quite strong and firm, but with many pauses:)

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