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TPS3 Deleted Session November 26, 1975 2/36 (6%) heroic Latin Teresa Deus title
– The Personal Sessions: Book 3 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Deleted Session November 26, 1975 10:34 PM Wednesday

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When each of you doubt together, however, the effects are as strong, and quite as united (louder). In that regard you have not used your joint abilities to uphold your strengths. Much of your experience in the heroic dimensions occurs in the dream state, and is then somewhat distorted. You met your brother there—Dick—(who visited us last Monday, 11/24/75, with his wife, Ida) where his momentary understanding and illumination allowed him to appear. (On his visit Dick told us he has embarked upon the practice of transcendental meditation recently.) You saw also an Oriental version because his daughter (Teresa), who was also connected to him in an Oriental existence, was about to bear a male child.

(See my probability dream, as I called it, involving Dick on the night of Sunday, October 26, 1975. In the dream I didn’t see Teresa, as I remember it. Nor did we know she was about to have a child. We didn’t know she was pregnant, not having seen Dick and Ida for over a year, or exchanged letters or calls. Nor, in the dream, do I recall learning Teresa was going to give birth, even though I didn’t see her in it. Dick gave us the news of the birth on the phone Sunday night.)

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