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TPS3 Deleted Session November 26, 1975 3/36 (8%) heroic Latin Teresa Deus title
– The Personal Sessions: Book 3 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Deleted Session November 26, 1975 10:34 PM Wednesday

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(From 9:00 to 9:30 tonight, at my suggestion, Jane and I sat to see if we could get Jane into her library. We also sent energy to her knees. During this period she had a variety of subjective experiences, and is dealing with some of them in notes of her own. They included a projection through the eastern wall of our living room, and a “visitor” who returned with her; the Latin title of a book; her awareness of a third eye; some material, with diagrams, of me as a monk who wrote manuscripts in an underground chamber that he later sealed; a vision of Seth in a brown robe, looking as I’ve painted him—but the brown robe was “too easy,” Jane said suspiciously. Jane also did succeed in approximating entry into her library; her own notes will cover this.

(She wrote down the “Latin” book title as best she could: Enada Inaventum [Deus ?].The E could possibly be either an I or an A. Then at 10:10 she told me the translation of the title would be Spiritual Adventures. At 10:15 she elaborated; the title would be The Spiritual Adventures of a Monk at Large.

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(This note added in 2003: Jane died in 1984. In 2003 a friend, Jeff, used a Latin dictionary to check her book title. She had been close: “Enodo means to explain; Inventum—discovery; Deus—God.” Was the monk Nebene—me when I was a very strict teacher of the children of rich Romans in first-century A.D. Italy? I should have asked Seth. In volume 2 of Personal Sessions see the Nebene material in the deleted session of July 17, 1972.

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