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TPS2 Deleted Session June 24, 1973 4/61 (7%) dance mountaintop tours restraint loyalty
– The Personal Sessions: Book 2 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Deleted Session June 24, 1973 9:08 PM Sunday

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We are working with his beliefs. He felt that you would find tours, etc., highly disruptive. There would be endless decisions to be made. The symptoms cut the need for decisions in that area.

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As mentioned today, he felt they served you, helped you save face in your family, and in society at large. You were not to be given the second place. Ruburt obviously needed you. Some of this did have to do with old ideas that you were angry at him for any success if you had not achieved your own—and more, that the success might take you on tours and further away from your own work, which would make you angrier at him.

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He was afraid during the tour that you would feel put in second place, rather than as an artist being the star of your own show.

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You have, Joseph, your own invisible beliefs. In a way Ruburt was doing precisely what you would do on one level—not leaving the house, avoiding tours, simply working, cutting out all distractions, and again you approved—not of methods, but of everything else.

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