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TPS2 Deleted Session June 24, 1973 8/61 (13%) dance mountaintop tours restraint loyalty
– The Personal Sessions: Book 2 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Deleted Session June 24, 1973 9:08 PM Sunday

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At the same time he began to see what the symptoms turned you off to some degree, and this made him angry. Some late instances I have mentioned, having to do with his beliefs and interpretations now, of your actions in dance establishments.

He would purposely choose occasions in which dancing, to begin with, was at least not the thing—when no one else was dancing, when an ordinary person might have inhibitions against it. The very challenge was made because it, the challenge, aroused him to action in a situation in which he felt your natural inhibitions would meet up against his denied spontaneity.

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When you refused to dance, he interpreted this to mean that he was right: he could be spontaneous only as long as it was socially approved, did not hassle you, and when he did not stand out from the crowd.

His sudden desire to dance and the freedom came fairly quickly after you started going out again. You stopped immediately, avoiding the situation. Ruburt’s sudden desire to dance was also based upon desperation and defiance, which you recognized and reacted against.

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He wanted to dance precisely because no one else was. Because you would stand out, because it was not the thing to do, and he felt and believed that those were precisely the reasons why you did not want him to do so.

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The dancing situation is also important because bodily motion is involved. He always believed, now, that when you spoke to him in the past about walking faster than you, or not waiting for you to open doors, that you were saying to him “You are going too fast for me, and putting me in a poor social light.”

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Very simply, the dancing episodes serve as an example. It seemed to him that if he spontaneously felt happy about a book that you would remind him of less favorable aspects. On the other hand he was convinced of your deep loyalty and love, and knew that you did want him to succeed and use his abilities.

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Again, on a very simple level, he believes that if he were better he would always be wanting to dance in improper conditions as far as you were concerned.

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