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TPS7 Deleted Session June 1, 1982 6/36 (17%) Hal clots medical vasculitis Dr
– The Personal Sessions: Book 7 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Deleted Session June 1, 1982 8:15 PM Tuesday

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(I also knew she hadn’t wanted to keep the appointment, and that she blamed me at least partly for her keeping it. At the same time she said she wanted to talk to an “expert” on arthritis. I felt caught between these opposing ideas, and didn’t really know what to do. I figured there were reasons for the finger thing erupting so suddenly to begin with, and leading us against our conscious wills into the whole hospital scene at St. Joe’s, so whatever lessons there are in those experiences are still being assimilated. It wasn’t until we returned home Friday afternoon that I began to see how upset Jane had become by thoughts of arthritis, vasculitis, angiograms, clots, drugs, operations, etc. I kept thinking that she was on her way to adopting a stance in which she would turn against medical help and/or advice if at all possible.

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(Over the weekend—beginning Friday evening—we were visited by Hal Williams and Rusty Carnarius, from Lancaster, PA. Hal of course is an M.D. and a homeopathic physician. They didn’t stay too long after being filled in on our situation, but the next morning Hal returned to offer his help. He showed us some techniques for massage, which were very helpful. He had a lot of other ideas that are contrary to generally accepted medical belief and practice, and we wished he lived closer. He even thought a thyroid gland could regenerate itself, as Seth has said. He represented a body of knowledge to us, then, that we wished we could avail ourselves of. He talked of driving up occasionally, but it’s a five-hour trip and wouldn’t work out very well from his standpoint.

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(After tonight’s session, and echoing my own ideas of how adamant Jane was becoming about the medical scene, I said that it would be ironic indeed if her encounters with the medical establishment furnished the final great impetus she needed to divest herself of the symptoms and inflate recovery; anything to get away from the massively negative pronouncement of the doctors, to dump old ideas, to set the body free to heal itself.

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(8:25.) Ruburt also learned more or less of the ambiguous results of the blood tests held previously (last week). The interview ended up as a highly-charged psychic and practical version of a reality as seen by medical science.

Now much good came out of the entire experience, and from your joint reactions. The sharpness of the encounter made Ruburt come to the decision then and there that he would not use drugs to combat ahead of time conditions that may or may not appear at some future time. More than that, the interview —friendly enough, good humored enough, as it seemed on the surface, made Ruburt realize in an immediate practical fashion the limitations of medical science. He had to take a stand somewhere, but before did not know where to do it, or how.

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I am obviously not saying (pause) that you cut off Ruburt’s thyroid medication. I am saying that you must turn quickly away, however, from any of medical science’s ministrations that are not absolutely necessary. Surely to trust the inner self is far easier than in the long run to put your life in the uncomfortable grip of a nervous medical profession.

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