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TPS2 Deleted Session July 7, 1973 3/70 (4%) mindedness karate arena beliefs trailer
– The Personal Sessions: Book 2 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Deleted Session July 7, 1973 9:46 PM Saturday

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You do not understand the alterations in beliefs involved that even led him for example to think of that mobility, and how cleverly the idea of work and mobility were combined, or the attempt at correlation involved. The same applies to the karate body image, its significance escaping both of you largely, where Ruburt was seeing himself with a body image combining power, agility, and weight.

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The karate image for him is a good one, far more evocative, intuitive, and powerful than his idea say of doing exercises, for it combines, for him, intuitive understanding with physical strength and agility.

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Number one also shows your own attitudes, for he is not continuing to lose weight. It stabilized. The karate image will now help him gain, and helps him correlate his ideas of creativity with a different kind of image than he has had before.

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