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TPS2 Deleted Session July 7, 1973 5/70 (7%) mindedness karate arena beliefs trailer
– The Personal Sessions: Book 2 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Deleted Session July 7, 1973 9:46 PM Saturday

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You forget Ruburt’s literal-mindedness, and you overlook it. He can use it to advantage. His beliefs, for the reasons you are uncovering, led him to believe he was inferior in the physical arena, and so he withdrew from it.

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The dancing then each time is a positive issue, and acts to weaken the other beliefs, and stands as a contrast. It has been very important that that arena was left clear to some extent.

Now any other physical arena of that kind, opened, is highly beneficial because of that literal-mindedness, and each time this happens the predominating beliefs are to that extent weakened. Here is something else that he can do. He has proven it to himself, therefore. He is free to move in that regard.

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As a result then of other beliefs Ruburt withdrew from the challenges of physical activity. Simply deciding on a conscious level to reenter that arena, in his present state, shows in itself a change of belief, for before he did not want to try, and considered it a threat to his work.

To some extent he still does. But he is beginning to understand, and is willing to enter that arena. He wants to enter it, and there is the important change in belief that has occurred. He is still frightened, and will be worried lest he become too involved in it, but he is willing to handle that on a conscious level now, which is another important change in beliefs.

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