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TPS4 Deleted Session July 5, 1978 3/28 (11%) distractions Hoyle crashes Ed beset
– The Personal Sessions: Book 4 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Deleted Session July 5, 1978 9:52 PM Wednesday

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(We had two questions for Seth, since we’re trying to get into the habit of writing such down as they occur to us: 1. Jane wanted Seth to comment on why he’ll take off on something she’s read, and reinterpret it his own way, or carry it further; her question came up because he did this Monday while she’s reading Fred Hoyle’s book, Ten Faces of The Universe; 2. Jane wanted Seth to give information on her “significant” dream of last Saturday morning, July 1. She couldn’t remember any details from it, but has talked about it often; she thinks it had something to do with health.)

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Ruburt read Hoyle, and Ed Young called (this evening). Ruburt felt the call was disruptive, though he likes our friend. Ruburt’s concentration so briefly upon Hoyle’s book was picked up by Ed Young, and Ruburt’s opinion of Hoyle’s world was picked up by Ed Young, who has the same opinion of the scientific establishment. There are endless points of organization, intent, and interest that unite events. Many of your distracting events have uniting qualities that escape your joint notice.

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Give us a moment.... The simple event of Ruburt reading Hoyle’s book: Ruburt began reading certain ideas with which he is not yet consciously familiar. Some of those ideas, however, were picked up in California. My last session was in a way—in a way—the result of Ruburt’s begrudging decision to “take time out to read the book.” It got his attention. I am aware of his emotional ideas, of course, and to an important degree I am free of his prejudices, but more than that, in certain terms, my consciousness is not limited, so that I can take from Ruburt’s understanding his good comprehension of where science is, and then tell you where an enlightened science might go.

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