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TPS4 Deleted Session July 5, 1978 7/28 (25%) distractions Hoyle crashes Ed beset
– The Personal Sessions: Book 4 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Deleted Session July 5, 1978 9:52 PM Wednesday

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I have a suggestion. It cannot harm either of you to try it, and it is this: try to take it for granted that distractions have a meaning in Framework 2 that is not as yet obvious in Framework 1. Oftentimes events that seem distracting, annoying, or that happen out of context, actually are parts of other patterns, larger ones that are part of Framework 2 activity. I gave you one example that you understood clearly, when I spoke about the individual who wanted to catch a plane. All of his plans went wrong. His efforts seemed to be challenged at every turn. He was beset by difficulties. He missed his plane—the plane crashed.

If he knew later of the plane’s fate, he thought “How lucky for me that my plans were thwarted.” If he never learned of the crash, he might think that he was simply beset by distractions, and that his efforts went nowhere. The same thing can happen, however, where no crashes or disasters are involved, and no dangers are implied, but where events that do not fit into your implied pattern intrude into it.

Each such event, again, is indeed connected with your own overall intents, and may be working toward them, but in a way that appears disruptive. An encounter, for example, that is a nuisance today may suddenly spark a new insight tomorrow, or appear in your own work in an entirely different form that you do not recognize, simply because you are not used to looking at such distractions in this kind of creative light.

(10:l4.) The benefits of such distractions do indeed, I admit, seem quite invisible to you, and in your joint experiences they often appear simply as nuisances. Therefore, you are hardly ever able to follow them through so that you can connect any particular insight or auspicious event with the “originating” distraction. I can quite honestly compare such distractions with, say, the distracting thought that might take you from a familiar train of thought into another new mental territory. The distracting elements are exaggerated, however, because of your joint misunderstandings on the subject. The visitors, for example, are not numerous. In many cases, however, the contact alone opens up different aspects of your own consciousness in response. It is almost as if you were able to look at our material from your own viewpoint, and yet at other levels to perceive it from your visitors’ viewpoints. That adds to the richness of the material, for you bring to the sessions not only your own experience, but the sensed experience of others.

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Ruburt read Hoyle, and Ed Young called (this evening). Ruburt felt the call was disruptive, though he likes our friend. Ruburt’s concentration so briefly upon Hoyle’s book was picked up by Ed Young, and Ruburt’s opinion of Hoyle’s world was picked up by Ed Young, who has the same opinion of the scientific establishment. There are endless points of organization, intent, and interest that unite events. Many of your distracting events have uniting qualities that escape your joint notice.

The ramifications of Framework 2’s activity of course require great reorientation on your part, and necessitate a changed view of daily events. In that view, it will be seen that all events work toward your purposes—when you realize that they do. Otherwise you run into the old problem of contradictions, and if you believe that distractions are simply that—distractions—in competition with your work, then they will certainly seem to be in your experience.

With a changed attitude, however, you will be able to follow those distractions’ “transformations”—that is, you will be able to glimpse how this distraction ends up in that insight, or how that distraction actually initiated a beneficial event, when in the past, everything seemed unrelated. Events fit into each other. They are composed of a psychological thickness.

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