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TPS4 Deleted Session July 5, 1978 2/28 (7%) distractions Hoyle crashes Ed beset
– The Personal Sessions: Book 4 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Deleted Session July 5, 1978 9:52 PM Wednesday

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I have a suggestion. It cannot harm either of you to try it, and it is this: try to take it for granted that distractions have a meaning in Framework 2 that is not as yet obvious in Framework 1. Oftentimes events that seem distracting, annoying, or that happen out of context, actually are parts of other patterns, larger ones that are part of Framework 2 activity. I gave you one example that you understood clearly, when I spoke about the individual who wanted to catch a plane. All of his plans went wrong. His efforts seemed to be challenged at every turn. He was beset by difficulties. He missed his plane—the plane crashed.

If he knew later of the plane’s fate, he thought “How lucky for me that my plans were thwarted.” If he never learned of the crash, he might think that he was simply beset by distractions, and that his efforts went nowhere. The same thing can happen, however, where no crashes or disasters are involved, and no dangers are implied, but where events that do not fit into your implied pattern intrude into it.

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