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TPS5 Deleted Session January 5, 1979 2/35 (6%) moral conscientious typeface judgment pedantic
– The Personal Sessions: Book 5 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Deleted Session January 5, 1979 8:35 PM Friday

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(However, the feelings of unease and/or panic returned after supper, and Jane offered the session. I explained to her my reservations about the italic typeface, and my attempts to free myself of book concerns. I finally had to choose to place my physical condition first, thinking that more important than anything else. Many others had obviously thought the typefaces chosen for Volume 2 were okay, I said, so what was I doing, worrying about something like that, wanting to tell others how to do their jobs?

(I finally concluded it wasn’t worth it, and hoped Jane would adopt some of this thinking for some of her own challenges. The pendulum, incidentally, agreed that my concern over the typeface caused my concerned feelings after supper.

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