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TPS5 Deleted Session January 5, 1979 7/35 (20%) moral conscientious typeface judgment pedantic
– The Personal Sessions: Book 5 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Deleted Session January 5, 1979 8:35 PM Friday

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Now: the overly conscientious self is opinionated, closed-minded, pedantic. It believes it is right.

It is possible to be opinionated at times, closed-minded, and pedantic, in good normal behavior—but when certain characteristics group together, then you have the formation of an overly-conscientious self, which acts in a repetitive manner, always showing these fairly rigid characteristics.

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When I said it was not rational (in the 367th session), I spoke relatively speaking. Of course, communication is possible. The conscientious self groups about ideas of right and wrong. This portion of the self is often altered, its characteristics becoming less apparent as individuals move through the various social groupings of work, church, or community, where it is obvious that the standards of behavior are hardly rigid, but adaptable.

[... 4 paragraphs ...]

(8:52.) You judge the world, but in far more rigorous terms morally than either of you really realize. Your beliefs exist in the present. I will always go into back material, or the past when you request it, for it is important that you understand I am never evasive in that regard. But the overly conscientious selves are not separate versions of you, really. The division is one I use to make certain points.

Those ideas are quite conscious when you allow them to surface. Again, they are beliefs that you least examine. The overly conscientious self is not creative, particularly—meaning innovative, but it does have great sustaining qualities and power.

[... 8 paragraphs ...]

The resolutions I gave you would automatically seep through to the overly conscientious selves if you kept them in mind, and resolved to live by them. Ruburt does need some kind of class or such activity, but he has grown frightened. You have not encouraged him. He can see people more when he is better, but you must indeed act at least mentally as if.

You have the resources. Ruburt is determined to get better. You are both saddled with old habits of thought that you really do not examine, and that is why the overly conscientious self still rules the roost.

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