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TPS3 Deleted Session August 10, 1977 6/50 (12%) ligaments distractions bodily artillery nerves
– The Personal Sessions: Book 3 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Deleted Session August 10, 1977 9:38 PM Wednesday

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The picture fit together so well, in fact, that you say it was a smooth overall performance; as stated, those head tensions eventually caused all the other difficulties. The tension resulted in jaw pressures, affecting the teeth, the sinuses, and in particular the tightening of large ligaments in the neck. The nerves in those areas were not as responsive, then.

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Just about all of the ligaments are softening, and then releasing, in a rather rhythmic pattern. The same applies to muscles. The activation awakens the nerves, so that they are more stimulated than before. Circulation is quickened, further stretching veins and arteries, so that they become more elastic. All of this adds up to a good amount of bodily commotion, I admit.

In this rhythm generally, first the right and then the left neck arteries are affected, releasing so far. The eye on the working side must readjust. Last week the eyes were relatively comfortable, for the process was continuing in lower portions of the body. This week the right neck ligaments continued a new release that affects the ears, sinus, and head pressures—and of course the eyes also.

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The main work, meaning basic work with the neck ligaments, should soon be over, so that the eyes will be far more comfortable, and the other changes largely show in the body’s lower portions. The head tensions and those ligaments, however, are keys that before locked the shoulders, arms, and chest in a given position, forcing the knees to bend for the sake of balance.

Again, I mention the hot towels. The release so far of those neck ligaments has allowed for the awakening of nerves in the knees, and the beginning release of the ligament group here—highly important (underneath the knees).

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It may seem that the body’s release should only bring feelings of comfort and greater ease. The body mends itself in its own way, however, and you will put your own psychological judgments upon its sensations. Ligaments as they release put forth much action. They try themselves out. They will appear to dangle, and then to tighten and dangle again. The body coming to life is active, and its activity may clamor at times. When you are not used to trusting the body, then those activities may seem to be causes for alarm—and such fears should be expressed—as long as the other definite feelings of comfort, ease, quickness, or flexibility are also expressed.

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