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TPS3 Deleted Session August 10, 1977 6/50 (12%) ligaments distractions bodily artillery nerves
– The Personal Sessions: Book 3 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Deleted Session August 10, 1977 9:38 PM Wednesday

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(This morning Jane found that for a few moments she could read very small print much better without her glasses than she could wearing them. Later in the day she had a few similar experiences, although not to as great a degree. However, both of us wanted more information on her eyes, since we were still concerned about their red and protruding appearance. Jane has also been experiencing many other bodily changes, so that as a whole she’s felt rather besieged, and far from comfortable.

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Just about all of the ligaments are softening, and then releasing, in a rather rhythmic pattern. The same applies to muscles. The activation awakens the nerves, so that they are more stimulated than before. Circulation is quickened, further stretching veins and arteries, so that they become more elastic. All of this adds up to a good amount of bodily commotion, I admit.

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I am trying to make a point without overstressing it. You cannot expect such overall bodily changes, and not expect to feel them. The symptoms crept up on Ruburt, so to speak, now. It is true there are miraculous, instant, healings. I will discuss them at another time. Often they are permanent. On other occasions they may rid the individual of one problem in such a way that he only finds a different one.

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Give us a moment.... All of these processes, and the increased overall bodily activity, do increase Ruburt’s temperature at times. I am not saying that he has a fever, but that there are accelerations of energy that often bring local rushes of circulation and heat. In hot humid weather, that does become noticeable. The sweating is also the result of increased bodily activity.

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Now give us a moment.... Those feelings of confidence arouse bodily healing processes, and promote the proper hormones, for example, and provide a climate in which healing naturally occurs.

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(11:16 PM. Jane had been quite restless last night, with all the bodily changes occurring. Once we woke up together, and I massaged various portions of her body for some little time. After that she slept fairly well until morning.

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