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DEaVF1 Chapter 2: Session 888, December 10, 1979 5/19 (26%) Guy Camper pinpoint Dr electron
– Dreams, "Evolution", and Value Fulfillment: Volume One
– Chapter 2: In the Beginning
– Session 888, December 10, 1979 9:04 P.M. Monday

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Dictation: You can only locate or pinpoint an event that falls one way or another into the range of your perception.

You cannot really locate or pinpoint microscopic or macroscopic events with any precision. You cannot pinpoint “invisible” events, for even as your sophisticated instruments perceive them, they have not met them in the same time scheme. I want to deal briefly with such ideas, so that later we can discuss the location of the universe.

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You cannot pinpoint the beginning of the universe—for (suddenly louder) that beginning is simultaneously too vast and too small to be contained in any of your specifications. While everything seems neat and tidy within those specifications, and whole, you operate with brilliant nonchalance in the theater of time and space. Time and space are each the result of psychological properties. (Pause.) When you ask how old is the universe, or how old is the world, then you are taking it for granted that time and space are somehow or other almost absolute qualities. You are asking for answers that can only be found by going outside of the context of usual experience—for within that experience you are always led back to beginnings and endings, consecutive moments, and a world that seems to have within it no evidences of any other source.

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You cannot pinpoint the location of consciousness.

(Long pause.) When you are dreaming you cannot pinpoint your dream location in the same way that you can determine, say, the chair or the bureau that may sit on the floor by the bed in which you dream. That inner location is real, however, and meaningful activity can take place within it. Physical space exists in the same manner, except that it is a mass psychologically shared property—but at one “time” in the beginning this was not so.

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DEaVF1 Chapter 3: Session 888, December 10, 1979 1/18 (6%) neural sleepwalkers hinterland unit particles
– Dreams, "Evolution", and Value Fulfillment: Volume One
– Chapter 3: Sleepwalkers. The World in Early Trance. The Awakening of the Species
– Session 888, December 10, 1979 9:04 P.M. Monday

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You think of the conscious mind, as you know it, as the only kind of consciousness with a deliberate intent, awareness of itself as itself, and with a capacity for logic and the appreciation of symbolism. That only seems true because of your particular range of activity, and because you can only pinpoint events within a particular psychological spectrum.

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