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DEaVF1 Chapter 2: Session 888, December 10, 1979 2/19 (11%) Guy Camper pinpoint Dr electron
– Dreams, "Evolution", and Value Fulfillment: Volume One
– Chapter 2: In the Beginning
– Session 888, December 10, 1979 9:04 P.M. Monday

(Last Saturday evening we were visited by Dr. LeRoy Guy [I’ll call him], a professor of psychology at a well-known nearby university. He’d written Jane on November 16. When Jane called Dr. Guy in return, he told her that he’d contacted her at the behest of a Dr. Camper [another pseudonym].1 Dr. Camper, a professor of sociology at a midwestern university, had asked Dr. Guy to ask Jane to be tested for her psychic ability. [The two scientists haven’t met personally, by the way.]

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As Jane commented afterward, LeRoy Guy said not a single word to us about his reaction to Seth, although I’d watched him pay the same rapt attention to that personality as had many others. “I suppose he’ll write to Camper now,” Jane said. We hadn’t asked Dr. Guy what he intended to do. For that matter, we hadn’t even asked him exactly what Dr. Camper wanted him to find out about Jane and Seth—or even me. Dr. Guy left us a book written by a scientist about a famous medium, and I’ll be mailing it back to him as soon as we’ve read it.)

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