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TPS5 Session 855 (Deleted Portion) May 21, 1979 1/15 (7%) Yale jar evangelical pique heroics
– The Personal Sessions: Book 5 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Session 855 (Deleted Portion) May 21, 1979 9:15 PM Monday

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(Before supper this evening Jane said she was tired of “trying to figure out the world,” and so forth. Part of her pique stemmed from her difficulty in trying to get into her ideas on heroics. She has done some excellent writing on heroic themes in recent days, but hasn’t plunged into her library yet. And to me: “Sometimes I think that you, whenever you get any idea that doesn’t have to do with painting, ought to stamp it out with both feet, and just stick to that. You shouldn’t ever have left it....” I admitted that the thought had occurred to me—that indeed I’d been thinking about it a lot since I’d had my physical hassles starting early last month.

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