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TPS5 Session 855 (Deleted Portion) May 21, 1979 2/15 (13%) Yale jar evangelical pique heroics
– The Personal Sessions: Book 5 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Session 855 (Deleted Portion) May 21, 1979 9:15 PM Monday

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(Today we received from Larry Dowler of the Yale archives a letter giving us his latest thoughts, as well as a form to sign. making the gift of papers to Yale legal, evidently. We have a number of questions to resolve first, though. At the moment I must be putting them off, but eventually we’ll deal with them all. We haven’t received our will from Bill Danaher yet, and we have more questions for him, also. I told Jane that I regretted starting that whole business, but she responded by saying that we’d have to do it sometime, probably, so we might as well go through with it. I’m somewhat dismayed by the work that might be entailed – that is, if I carry through with the original idea of checking through all the material, putting it into notebooks that match the originals, and so forth.

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You may do as you wish about Yale. It matters little where the papers are kept; and the very academic characteristics that invisibly but definitely add their aura to Yale’s hallowed halls also means that the papers will be treated fairly, conservatively, and without any evangelical air.

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