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NoME Part Three: Chapter 6: Session 812, October 1, 1977 4/22 (18%) paranoid Paranoia misinterpretation shared Peter
– The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events
– Part Three: People Who Are Frightened of Themselves
– Chapter 6: Controlled Environments, and Positive and Negative Mass Behavior. Religious and Scientific Cults, and Private Paranoias
– Session 812, October 1, 1977 9:33 P.M. Saturday

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Paranoia is extremely interesting because it shows the ways in which private beliefs can distort events that connect the individual with other people. The events are “distorted,” yet while the paranoid is convinced that those events are valid, this does not change other people’s perception of the same happenings….

What I want to emphasize here is the paranoid’s misinterpretation of innocuous personal or mass events, and to stress the ways in which physical events can be put together symbolically, so that from them a reality can be created that is almost part physical and part dream.

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The paranoid has certain other beliefs. Let us take a hypothetical individual — one who is convinced he has a healthy body, and is proud of mental stability. Let us call this friend Peter.

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The paranoid organizes the psychological world about his obsession, for such it is, and he cuts everything out that does not apply, until all conforms to his beliefs. An examination of unprejudiced sense data at any point would at any time bring him relief.

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