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TPS3 Session 809 (Deleted Portion) August 8, 1977 2/17 (12%) pulleys ligaments refrigerator tightening Kautz
– The Personal Sessions: Book 3 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Session 809 (Deleted Portion) August 8, 1977 9:22 PM Monday

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These two groups, by the ears, tightened up in the manner of pulleys, affecting all areas of the body downward. The action of the pulleys was not symmetrical, however, so that the two sides of the body were out of balance. The right pulley, or group of ligaments, was most to blame, and it is that area that has been and is now releasing so well.

That pulley affects the shoulders and arms particularly, and the stature of the upper portion of the body actually caused the bent knees. Natural motion and near-normal speed is returning to certain muscles and ligaments in the arm—the right one particularly. This in turn affects the legs and feet. The feeling of letting down is highly vital.

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