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TPS3 Session 809 (Deleted Portion) August 8, 1977 2/17 (12%) pulleys ligaments refrigerator tightening Kautz
– The Personal Sessions: Book 3 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Session 809 (Deleted Portion) August 8, 1977 9:22 PM Monday

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(With amusement:) I cannot bear such a gloomy face, so I will tell you that “Unknown” will do very well indeed, and that you are doing better than it seems that you are. In its way the entire summer affair, with people about, is important, so that you can consciously make decisions that once perhaps were unconsciously made, without deep-enough understanding.

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If, for example you see, in objective life with strangers about, that you prefer your isolation, relatively speaking, you can make certain decisions. In the past each of you to some extent made “unconscious” decisions based upon fears.

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