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NotP Chapter 9: Session 789, September 27, 1976 6/42 (14%) predream events ee undecipherable rocket
– The Nature of the Psyche: Its Human Expression
– Chapter 9: Characteristics of Pure Energy, the Energetic Psyche, and the Birth of Events
– Session 789, September 27, 1976 9:30 P.M. Monday

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Nevertheless, in dreams you are intimately connected with the processes by which physical events are formed. Events, again, gain their characteristics from those significances that you place upon the universe as your own being impresses it with your beliefs, desires, and individual nature.

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Let us use an analogy. Pretend that you are a planet, as indeed in certain terms you are. You exist in a highly complicated and sophisticated universe. You know that space is filled with all kinds of inhabitants, and we will compare these space inhabitants to probable events. As a planet you have certain characteristics. Some space inhabitants would not be able to land under those conditions at all. The conditions represent your own psychological individuality. You send out messages to the stars because you are lonely, and events or visitors are one of your main methods of gaining experience and knowledge. To land their own rocket ships, space travelers must enter your atmosphere and use its conditions while maintaining their own integrity. They must also have their own reasons for such a visit.

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This path exists on psychological levels, and triggers your perceptive mechanisms, which then of course react and dutifully perceive. Your intent or purpose or belief is one of the main attractions. These serve as beams searching the universe, but the conditions of manifestation also exist. There must be a proper fit.

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Now: Dictation. First of all, your own universe is not isolated, either. It is simply the one that you perceive.

There are in a basic sense other universes within the one that you recognize, and constantly happening in those universes are other events of which you are unaware. The universes exist one within the other, so to speak, and their events also one within the other, so that while any given event seems itself only in the terms that you recognize, it is a part of endless others that exist one within the other, and it is impossible at certain levels to separate the “portions.”

Your daily life seems to give you little evidence of this. Your dreams, however, often contain this kind of interrelatedness. Because you perceive events in the way that you do, of course, you see the familiar physical universe. Dream events, not as precise in space and time, often serve as a framework through which some evidence of other universes can be glimpsed. No system is closed, so there are interactions, so to speak, between all universes. No psychological system is closed either, even while it retains an inviolate nature that is indestructible.

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