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NotP Chapter 9: Session 789, September 27, 1976 4/42 (10%) predream events ee undecipherable rocket
– The Nature of the Psyche: Its Human Expression
– Chapter 9: Characteristics of Pure Energy, the Energetic Psyche, and the Birth of Events
– Session 789, September 27, 1976 9:30 P.M. Monday

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— dictation. What I have called the predream state here is actually one in which you are always immersed whether you are waking or sleeping, or whether in your terms you are alive or dead. It involves conditions in which direct knowing primarily operates.

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Give us a moment… This is characterized perhaps most of all by more perceptive psychological organizations. In the predream state you participate in such organizations, although you bring back home to your physical self — in the form of dreams — only data that can be recognized and used in physical terms. It is highly important to remember that your experience and knowledge grow at those other levels of actuality. Even during your physical lifetime your experience is not confined to conventional physical events alone. Those usual events arise from the creative impetus that occurs at these other levels.

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In the predream state you directly encounter a reality in which those probabilities exist all at once to your perception. In a dazzling display you are aware of such events from infinite perspectives. Consciously you could not grasp such information, much less act upon it, nor could you maintain your particular, unique, psychological stance. You still take advantage of that level of being, however, using that immeasurable data as a basis to form the reality that you know.

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(9:48.) Dream dramas are highly complicated, artistic productions. On the one hand they represent other events of the predream state, events beyond your comprehension in their “natural condition.” Such events are not lost, however, but translated into dreams as your own consciousness returns closer to its “home base.” Each aspect of a dream stands in coded form as a symbol for greater, undecipherable events.

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