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NotP Chapter 9: Session 789, September 27, 1976 21/42 (50%) predream events ee undecipherable rocket
– The Nature of the Psyche: Its Human Expression
– Chapter 9: Characteristics of Pure Energy, the Energetic Psyche, and the Birth of Events
– Session 789, September 27, 1976 9:30 P.M. Monday

[... 9 paragraphs ...]

Give us a moment… This is characterized perhaps most of all by more perceptive psychological organizations. In the predream state you participate in such organizations, although you bring back home to your physical self — in the form of dreams — only data that can be recognized and used in physical terms. It is highly important to remember that your experience and knowledge grow at those other levels of actuality. Even during your physical lifetime your experience is not confined to conventional physical events alone. Those usual events arise from the creative impetus that occurs at these other levels.

Please understand: I am not saying here that you have no conscious control over events, for they are formed by you in accordance with your feelings, beliefs, purposes, and intents.

The inner material that “makes events real” comes from these other sources, however. Most of you are not aware of this basic, mysterious nature of events, because it does not occur to you to study the inner fabric. The past and future of any given event provides a kind of thickness, a kind of depth-in-time. The probabilities of an event escape you in practical terms.

In the predream state you directly encounter a reality in which those probabilities exist all at once to your perception. In a dazzling display you are aware of such events from infinite perspectives. Consciously you could not grasp such information, much less act upon it, nor could you maintain your particular, unique, psychological stance. You still take advantage of that level of being, however, using that immeasurable data as a basis to form the reality that you know.

To some extent your dreaming state is a connective between the kind of life you recognize and this far vaster dimension that is its source. Dreaming involves a far greater input of information than is realized, then — that is, you take in far more data when you are dreaming than when you are awake, although the data are of a different kind. You form your dreams in part from that information. The dreams themselves are further processed so that they become a fabric for recognizable waking events.

(9:48.) Dream dramas are highly complicated, artistic productions. On the one hand they represent other events of the predream state, events beyond your comprehension in their “natural condition.” Such events are not lost, however, but translated into dreams as your own consciousness returns closer to its “home base.” Each aspect of a dream stands in coded form as a symbol for greater, undecipherable events.

The symbols are so precisely and accurately produced that they simultaneously serve as aspects relating to your intimate daily life as well. Since everyday events are formed in part as a result of such dream information, then each event of your physical life is also a symbol for another otherwise undecipherable event that occurs in those levels of the psyche in which your own being is immersed.

This in no way denies the validity of events as you think of them, for all of your physical activity immediately alters all other relationships at all levels of being. Most of you are familiar with inspiration in one form or another. People who are not writers or artists, or poets or musicians, often suddenly find themselves almost transformed for a brief period of time — suddenly struck by a poem or a song or a snatch of music, or by a sketch — that seems to come from nowhere, that seems to emerge outside of the context of usual thought patterns, and that brings with it an understanding, a joy, a compassion, or an artistic bent that seemingly did not exist a moment earlier. Where did the song or poem or music come from? Such individuals feel that they suddenly “know” in a direct manner. They experience knowledge that comes from within rather than information that comes from without.

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Books have been written about the nature of dreams. There are classic accounts of precognitive dreams, or prophetic dreams involving saints and honored personages in the Bible. Yet each dream alters the physical world to some extent. A creative idea might lead to a book — certainly a physical-enough production. Dreams involve you with the most intimate mechanics by which physical events are formed. There are hormonal and chemical changes occurring in the body — often at minute but important levels — in direct response to dream experience. Your dreams then are tied into your biological makeup. There are also coded biological connections within dream images themselves that relate to cellular activity — not generally, but specifically.

[... 3 paragraphs ...]

Dictation. I want to discuss the connections between creativity, dreams, and the actual formation of physical events. At the same time I understand your need for some kind of precise terminology, even while I know that in certain terms the more “precise” I become for your benefit, the more we may miss of greater issues that escape such boundaries. I also want to avoid many preconceptions that are connected with certain words.

Nevertheless, in dreams you are intimately connected with the processes by which physical events are formed. Events, again, gain their characteristics from those significances that you place upon the universe as your own being impresses it with your beliefs, desires, and individual nature.

As a continent does not exist alone, but also in relationship to other physical formations, so in your terms you form events so that they fit into a mass framework. You form your own reality. You do not form it isolated and alone, however. You are aware of other events, and take them into consideration, for example, regardless of appearances. You cannot force another person to experience an event he or she rejects. Nor can anyone act in like manner against you. So-called good or bad events each faithfully follow the inner mechanics.

In order to become physical, probable events must meet certain conditions, as it were. They must fall into the proper time and space slots. There must be a psychological fit also, certain intensities reached in terms of desire, belief, or intent. By intensity I do not necessarily mean effort, vehement desire, or determined conscious intent. I mean instead the collection of certain intangible qualities, precisely focused toward physical activity.

Physical events imply the collection of basically nonphysical forces into an organization that exists initially outside of the time-space context. This is a psychological organization, consisting of a selection of chosen probable events. These wait in the wings, so to speak, for physical actualization. The final trigger for that actualization may come from the waking or dream states, but it will represent the final factor needed — the quickening of inspiration, desire, or purpose — that will suddenly activate the initial psychological organization as a physical occurrence.

(Pause at 10:56.) The EE units which I have mentioned in other material are important because they exist in an electromagnetic sphere of activity, and they trigger certain responses in the brain and nervous system. Events themselves involve a steady condition of highly related fields of activity, however, that exist between the EE units, so to speak.

These fields involve psychological reactions, not physically perceivable, and yet as explosive in their way as a nuclear detonation. That is, these psychological activities “explode” into physical events by virtue of a transformation and a charge that allows purely mental acts to “break the time-space barrier” and emerge as realities in a physical world. In a way, the EE units occur on the furthest reaches of this activity. If an event were a physical craft such as a spaceship, the EE units would allow it to land in your world, but would not be the original propellants. Those propellants are psychic fields of interrelationship.

Let us use an analogy. Pretend that you are a planet, as indeed in certain terms you are. You exist in a highly complicated and sophisticated universe. You know that space is filled with all kinds of inhabitants, and we will compare these space inhabitants to probable events. As a planet you have certain characteristics. Some space inhabitants would not be able to land under those conditions at all. The conditions represent your own psychological individuality. You send out messages to the stars because you are lonely, and events or visitors are one of your main methods of gaining experience and knowledge. To land their own rocket ships, space travelers must enter your atmosphere and use its conditions while maintaining their own integrity. They must also have their own reasons for such a visit.

Now any physical event is something like the impact of a rocket ship entering your world from “somewhere else.” Thoughts often seem to swim in and out of your system of consciousness, and you barely notice. Events often appear and disappear in the same manner, yet they have impressed your reality. You have attracted them to one extent or another, and they have been attracted to you. Momentarily a field of relatedness is set up that is highly charged, one that provides an inner path by which probable events can flow into your area of recognized events.

[... 4 paragraphs ...]

There are in a basic sense other universes within the one that you recognize, and constantly happening in those universes are other events of which you are unaware. The universes exist one within the other, so to speak, and their events also one within the other, so that while any given event seems itself only in the terms that you recognize, it is a part of endless others that exist one within the other, and it is impossible at certain levels to separate the “portions.”

Your daily life seems to give you little evidence of this. Your dreams, however, often contain this kind of interrelatedness. Because you perceive events in the way that you do, of course, you see the familiar physical universe. Dream events, not as precise in space and time, often serve as a framework through which some evidence of other universes can be glimpsed. No system is closed, so there are interactions, so to speak, between all universes. No psychological system is closed either, even while it retains an inviolate nature that is indestructible.

[... 1 paragraph ...]

The dream state can be used then as a psychological or psychic platform to view other realities, and to glimpse the inner mechanics by which nonphysical events become actualized in your world.

[... 2 paragraphs ...]

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