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TPS3 Session 784 (Deleted Portion) July 19, 1976 3/23 (13%) quicker protest discomfort trigger crying
– The Personal Sessions: Book 3 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Session 784 (Deleted Portion) July 19, 1976 9:23 PM Monday

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(Long pause.) Here at certain positions motion was not stopped but slowed down. Now, as large muscle areas gradually release, you can expect to see the return of quicker motions, though some may be in the beginning relatively uncoordinated. The effect of this, however, will quickly pass. The shoulder-arm area is important, and connected to the walking—not only as far as overall coordination but in terms of clear passageways of energy.

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Quicker motion could not appear however until the body reached its present status. You can expect that quicker motion then to begin, and it will in turn demand necessary greater circulation.

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Ruburt’s recovery is taking place now quicker than it seems to either of you, for the unseen events are the most important ones, and they are accelerating. You can expect the release in physical terms of more muscles and joints, and see the quickening in motion.

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