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TPS3 Session 784 (Deleted Portion) July 19, 1976 3/23 (13%) quicker protest discomfort trigger crying
– The Personal Sessions: Book 3 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Session 784 (Deleted Portion) July 19, 1976 9:23 PM Monday

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He felt like crying this afternoon. This was a quite legitimate physical expression, for as tension began to release it had a force meant to blow outward through tears, the whole process of crying relaxing those areas involved. This was a healthy physical reaction, therefore, as a sneeze might be, or a cough—particularly involving the lungs and ribs.

Laughing releases the same kinds of tensions under different circumstances. The quick actions involved in both laughing and crying also quicken circulation, and actually dislodge body “poisons”—natural toxins or elements that have served good purposes biologically, and are harmful only if they are then retained.

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A flexible body suddenly in the position of Ruburt’s would protest, and it is a sign of his progress that he now feels that protest. It triggers his release. The discomfort itself, accepted, triggers those body responses that will and are righting the situation. This is highly important. You can minimize pain or discomfort through drugs, cutting down on the “cry” of any symptoms. The cry of symptoms, however, is meant to bring about a new condition, to trigger healing aspects, so drugs can often impede the healing process.

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