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TPS3 Session 759 (Deleted Portion) October 27, 1975 2/13 (15%) regaining overnight muscles ligaments knees
– The Personal Sessions: Book 3 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Session 759 (Deleted Portion) October 27, 1975 9:31 PM Monday

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The jaws are realigning themselves. This necessitates various stages. The important thing is to remember that the process of recovery is constantly occurring. Some body tension was needed. I am speaking of positive tension now. The observable relaxation periods therefore momentarily ceased. They will continue with different sets of muscles and ligaments—but first the initial groups had to stabilize while other portions learned to accept the new balance.

The hands are regaining strength, as are the feet and the knees, but this is not yet apparent, because all of the tendons and muscles are not at the same state. He is back now at his book; mentally the same process has occurred. The painting should be maintained, however, as a refreshing activity. The body knows what it is doing. The relaxation periods follow a certain rhythm that is temperamentally suitable as well. He would have been alarmed had he always felt that relaxed. And again, the muscles, once loosened, need to stabilize and regain operational strength.

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