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UR2 Section 5: Session 724 December 4, 1974 3/59 (5%) counterparts personage races century personhood
– The "Unknown" Reality: Volume Two
– Section 5: How to Journey into the “Unknown” Reality: Tiny Steps and Giant Steps. Glimpses and Direct Encounters
– Session 724: Counterparts, Races of Men, and Historic Periods
– Session 724 December 4, 1974 9:45 P.M. Wednesday

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Those seeds form the physical races, which are all variations on a theme, or as Ruburt would say, eccentricities2 of an everchanging model. You accept the fact that there are biological connections in terms of family, country, and race, between yourselves and the other individuals on your planet. The species divides itself up, so to speak, and the members of the different races at any given time distribute themselves in the various lands and continents. You are used to making organizations. You say: “This race is thus and so, and we can trace its history through the ages.”* Or: “That race initiated language.” Generally speaking, you see certain races as having their own characteristics. When you do this you often ignore other contradictory tendencies that are not as apparent. No one, however, feels less a person because of not being in a race by himself or herself.

(10:22.) Give us a moment … The children that spring from your loins are real. They have their own lives. They share a certain portion of your experience, but they use that experience as they choose. In your terms, you exist in physical life before your children do. Now: In other terms, your own greater personhood exists before you do in the same way. That greater personhood gives birth to many “psychic children,” who then become physical by being born into the races of men and women.

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Psychically, you are made up of counterparts, as physically you come from various races. There are far more counterpart groupings than there are races, but then your definition of races is arbitrary. Period. Counterparts can be better related to physical families, for you might well have four or five counterparts alive in one century, as you might have four or five family members spanning the same amount of time. Basically, however, counterparts deal with fulfillments and developments that transcend races or countries.

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