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UR2 Section 5: Session 724 December 4, 1974 5/59 (8%) counterparts personage races century personhood
– The "Unknown" Reality: Volume Two
– Section 5: How to Journey into the “Unknown” Reality: Tiny Steps and Giant Steps. Glimpses and Direct Encounters
– Session 724: Counterparts, Races of Men, and Historic Periods
– Session 724 December 4, 1974 9:45 P.M. Wednesday

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Give us a moment … The world then is indeed like a theater at any given time, but the play is not preordained or laid out. It is instead a spontaneous happening in which overall themes are accepted beforehand. Each “greater personage” takes several parts, or brings forth several psychic children, who spring to life as individual human beings. These psychic children have as much say in their birth as you have in yours, physically speaking, and that is considerable.

You choose ahead of time your environment and purposes. This greater personage then has earthly counterparts, each individual alive taking part in the vital human drama of any given century. Each learns from the others, and the counterparts fit together like mosaics — except that these mosaics are fully endowed with independence and free will. So the individuals alive upon the body of the earth at any given time fit together as beautifully as the cells do within your individual body at a particular time (most emphatically).

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Now remember: You are one earth version of your own greater personage. You are utterly yourself. That greater identity, however, is intrinsically your own, but is the part that cannot be physically expressed. Your experiences are your own. Through you they become a part of the experience of the greater identity, but its reality also “originally” gave you your physical existence, as you gave your children physical life. Your children are not you, yet once they were contained within the mother’s womb. Yet they did not originate from the womb either, but from the seed and the egg.

Give us a moment … Your individual experience then becomes a part of your own greater personage, but at the same time you unconsciously draw upon the knowledge of that personage and use it for your purposes: You become an offshoot, so to speak. You are unconsciously aware of the experiences of “your” counterparts, as they are of yours, and you use that information to round out your own. Period.

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(Pause.) You are always at the center of your life. Again, your being as you understand it is never annihilated, but continues to develop its own existence in other ways. A portion of you has lived many lives upon this planet, but the “you” that you know is freshly here, and will never again encounter space and time in precisely the same way. The same applies to each life lived either before or after. Biologically you rest upon a heritage, however, and psychically the same applies. The soul, or this greater personage, does not simply send out an old self in new clothes time and time again (humorously), but each time a new, freshly-minted self that then develops and goes its own way. (With much emphasis:) That self rides firmly, however, in the great flight of experience, and feels within itself all of those other fully unique versions that also fling their way into existence.

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