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UR2 Section 5: Session 724 December 4, 1974 3/59 (5%) counterparts personage races century personhood
– The "Unknown" Reality: Volume Two
– Section 5: How to Journey into the “Unknown” Reality: Tiny Steps and Giant Steps. Glimpses and Direct Encounters
– Session 724: Counterparts, Races of Men, and Historic Periods
– Session 724 December 4, 1974 9:45 P.M. Wednesday

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(2. Once when Jane woke up she had the idea of “counterparts and four-fronted selves” in mind. As she wrote today: “There might be four counterparts alive in one general time period — a century — for example. These form a psychic ‘block’, and any of the four can pick up information from this joint pool [of identity]. Each person is distinct, yet each is an added dimension of the others, so that on different levels the four [in this case] create an alliance and become a four-fronted counterpart self; covering a given century … This is a ‘working alliance’ that exists in potential form always. But the four-fronted counterpart self’s own sense of continuity is not broken up; it persists outside of space and time, while its parts — the individual selves, or counterparts — live in space and time….”6

(Now for two concluding paragraphs of commentary and reference: Jane’s statement that the four-fronted counterpart self persists outside of space and time implies a contradiction, of course — but this situation is one that we, as physical creatures, will in some manner always have to contend with when we encounter certain of Jane’s and Seth’s concepts [including that of the four-fronted counterpart self]. Seth’s own idea of “simultaneous time,” that “all exists at once, yet is not completed,” has run throughout his material since its inception over a decade ago. As he quite humorously commented in the 14th session for January 8, 1964: “… for you have no idea of the difficulties involved in explaining time to someone who must take time to understand the explanation.” Yet Seth’s simultaneous time isn’t an absolute, for, as he also told us in that session: “While I am not affected by time on your plane, I am affected by something resembling time on my plane … To me time can be manipulated, used at leisure and examined. To me your time is a vehicle, one of several by which I can enter your awareness. It is therefore still a reality of some kind to me [my emphasis]. Otherwise I could not utilize it in any way whatsoever.”7

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6. A note added a few days later: In revised form, Jane did soon discuss her material on “counterparts and four-fronted selves” in Politics. See Chapter 12.

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