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UR2 Section 5: Session 724 December 4, 1974 9/59 (15%) counterparts personage races century personhood
– The "Unknown" Reality: Volume Two
– Section 5: How to Journey into the “Unknown” Reality: Tiny Steps and Giant Steps. Glimpses and Direct Encounters
– Session 724: Counterparts, Races of Men, and Historic Periods
– Session 724 December 4, 1974 9:45 P.M. Wednesday

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(Yesterday afternoon, to my surprise, I had still another internal vision experience with a Roman counterpart self of mine in the first century A.D.; it was reminiscent of my three Romans of last October, yet perplexing, too — for this time I saw a different Roman counterpart. See Appendix 22 for my own material on the event, plus Seth’s comments about it in ESP class last night, plus a quite unusual “confirmation” offered by class member Sue Watkins. My Jamaica experience of November 16 is also referred to by another student.

(“I’m getting all this stuff,” Jane said at 9:43, as we waited for Seth to come through, “but I can’t verbalize it yet. It’s like concepts that I have to unscramble. It’s sort of frustrating … Strange … I’m getting images, too, but not clearly. One of them is about a world theater, made up of a particular century. I think we’re going to get some great new material.

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The people alive during any century are embarked upon certain overall challenges. These are the result of private challenges that can best be worked out within a certain kind of framework. Time as you understand it is utilized as a method of focus, a divider like a room divider, separating purposes instead of furniture. If you want a “Victorian room,” you do not plank it down in the middle of a Spanish arrangement. Instead, you set it aside and frame it with its own decor, as you might in a museum that has separate rooms designating life in past centuries. The rooms in the museum exist at once. You may have to walk down a long corridor, go in a particular room and out the same door, before you can get to the next, adjoining room. The 18th-century drawing room may be next to a 12th-century chapel in this hypothetical museum, but you cannot move through one to the other. You have to go into the corridor first.

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You choose ahead of time your environment and purposes. This greater personage then has earthly counterparts, each individual alive taking part in the vital human drama of any given century. Each learns from the others, and the counterparts fit together like mosaics — except that these mosaics are fully endowed with independence and free will. So the individuals alive upon the body of the earth at any given time fit together as beautifully as the cells do within your individual body at a particular time (most emphatically).

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Psychically, you are made up of counterparts, as physically you come from various races. There are far more counterpart groupings than there are races, but then your definition of races is arbitrary. Period. Counterparts can be better related to physical families, for you might well have four or five counterparts alive in one century, as you might have four or five family members spanning the same amount of time. Basically, however, counterparts deal with fulfillments and developments that transcend races or countries.

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In its way, then, each century has its own integrity at all levels. The identity of each living person is always “brand new.” Yet its rich psychic heritage connects it through memory and experience to those who will “come after,” or those who have “gone before.” You are closer to some family members than others, and you are closer to some counterparts than others.

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New paragraph. Those incidents are recorded unconsciously, however, if they applied to your direct experience; and under hypnosis, for example, you could make them your own. So there are different kinds of memories. You share certain biological similarities with your parents, but there are other biological groupings not understood, uniting counterparts in any given century.

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However, there are no coincidences in any groupings — biological or psychic or social. It is obvious that certain interests bring people together in any club meeting or gathering. Period. There are reasons, then, why people are born in any given century, and why they meet in space and time. So there are reasons why you and Peter met, and why certain people come to Ruburt’s classes.

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(2. Once when Jane woke up she had the idea of “counterparts and four-fronted selves” in mind. As she wrote today: “There might be four counterparts alive in one general time period — a century — for example. These form a psychic ‘block’, and any of the four can pick up information from this joint pool [of identity]. Each person is distinct, yet each is an added dimension of the others, so that on different levels the four [in this case] create an alliance and become a four-fronted counterpart self; covering a given century … This is a ‘working alliance’ that exists in potential form always. But the four-fronted counterpart self’s own sense of continuity is not broken up; it persists outside of space and time, while its parts — the individual selves, or counterparts — live in space and time….”6

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